Official BYC Poll: With Winter Upon Us, What Preparations Have You Made For Your Chickens?

With Winter Upon Us, What Preparations Have You Made For Your Chickens?

  • I got my heated waterers/heated bases out and ready

    Votes: 74 53.2%
  • I replaced old shavings with new

    Votes: 77 55.4%
  • I sanitized the coop before the temperature dropped

    Votes: 27 19.4%
  • I put a cover on the run to keep the snow out

    Votes: 48 34.5%
  • I added toys to combat boredom

    Votes: 31 22.3%
  • I made or bought anti-pick spray

    Votes: 2 1.4%
  • I stocked up on supplements to enhance their diets since foraging won't be possible

    Votes: 44 31.7%
  • Other (elaborate in a reply below)

    Votes: 48 34.5%

  • Total voters


Aug 19, 2020
Kitsap, WA
Milder temps here as well, rarely dips below freezing for days. No real prep, but do have prevailing wind blocked with board sheet, and use metal roofing panels leaned against some areas to redirect dripping rain (which we've had a lot of lately here in Western WA) from the tarp which covers their attached run, so it doesn't splash and wet the ground inside. They do go out in the rain at times. I had installed a radiant panel heater last season, but after learning that it is not needed here, will eventually take it out...because the cord got stuck behind a wood panel.:he


6 Years
May 19, 2015
the Netherlands
My Coop
My Coop
We don’t have harsh winters in the Netherlands. But I do have a water warmer just in case.

A month ago I covered the openings on the north and east side of the run. And a few week ago I put a perspex window on the east side of their super ventilated / open coop to block the cold winds.

When is starts to freeze I put some straw on the sand floor.

During winter, when the chickens barely lay an egg I give them 50/50 layer feed and grains because layer has too much calcium and I can’t buy all flock here. And because there are less insects I give the chickens sometimes a little luxury feed with seeds, mealworms and insects in it as a treat.


Dr Pippino Chickino 🐣
Premium Feather Member
Mar 19, 2021
My Coop
My Coop
I used to cover their old coop but now they have a bigger one with thicker wood (and I physically can't cover it because it's touching the run roof) so I don't cover it.
The coop doesn't have slits in the top, instead it allows air flow through the wood slats


Mar 25, 2021
Ottawa, Ontario, Beautiful Canada
I am in Canada. Ontario. It gets really cold. We are fortunate and have a 20' x 30' (give or take) building that my coop is in. It is cut down the middle and the chickens have about 10' x 20' space with really high ceilings. And on the " human side" the ceilings are even higher probably 15 feet at the peak. The run is a decently large area that I move around with electric mesh fencing. We will see how that works this winter. My only plan is to add ventilation at the highest point, I have a small barn exhaust fan I plan on installing this week at the highest point. I think that will be the best idea. It is quite dry inside.
I will give them fermented feed and alot of sprouts. I also have extra squash that they absolutely love so I give them alot of that. My biggest hurdle will be giving them an area to go on the winter as we get ALOT of snow. Luckily I have a patch of cedar trees in the coop that provide alot of protection. I might try and make some kind of angled tarp canopy off the trees. So the snow will slide off and provide wind protection all at the same time.
Oh and I have the option of turning on in floor heating, but I think that is over kill and only if it gets to -30 C( which it does). Most of my chickens have pea combs.


Jul 14, 2021
Molalla, Oregon
The winters are pretty mild here the lowest this week was 39 so our waters don’t get frozen. I do clean out their coop more because they spend more time in there and it’s more muddy in there from their muddy feet. Other than that I give them scratch, and lots of table scraps during the day.


Wrangler of the Tiny Raptors
Premium Feather Member
Oct 10, 2021
Topeka, KS
Attaching tarps for windbreak this coming weekend. Will cover the entire North and West sides and part of the East. Part of the run is already covered overhead to ensure there is always a dry area. Cleaned the coop and sprinkled First Saturday Lime all around the covered with 6 inches of pine shavings. Sprinkled more FSL and Sweet PDZ over top of everything. Hung the cozy coop heaters for the extra frigid nights but won’t turn them on unless temps hit 0*. Working on adding more clutter to the runs to change things up a bit. Secured one heated dog bowl off Marketplace for FREE. Looking for more. This will be my first Winter with chickens so I’m sure I have a lot to learn!


In the Brooder
May 10, 2021
Keeping chickens safe and healthy over the colder months is a big concern for their keepers as winter and the extreme weather conditions experienced in certain parts of the world can cause problems such as frostbite and in some cases losses of birds. So With Winter Upon Us, What Preparations Have You Made For Your Chickens?

Place your vote above, and please elaborate in a reply below if you chose "Other".

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I was hoping to get a real roof on the run this summer/fall, but came back from Thanksgiving trip to find snow on the ground and that it's suddenly winter here in Vermont. Right now it's about half covered with plywood scraps. Just put up a mirror for the girls, am going to pot up a big stalk of kale from my garden, let it freeze in place, and bring it in.
Jun 14, 2021
It's already my habit to collect supplement for them from kitchen scraps. Besides, as we have raw-fed dogs and cats, I will also add some cooked meat scraps, organs, fishes like Sprattus and Sardines into their daily feed.



They love their feed and always empty that within 10 minutes :D


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