Official Poet of BYC!!!!

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    Mar 23, 2010
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    I’m the official poet of BYC
    Hearken to my words, get down on one knee
    And remember these things, I give you so free
    Poems of aptitude, this is my decree

    You might say some things I say
    Are mere tinkering’s that go away
    From some madman, his mind doth stray
    Am I mad? No no I say thee nay!

    I have written a lot of words of wit
    With pen and parchment here I sit
    Edited some of them bit by bit
    And others had to be erased, to omit

    When you scroll down the BYC pages
    You will see my songs of ye ages
    My words come out, been trained by many sages
    Free to all, not lost in my minds cages

    So I will write poems for everyone’s needs
    Like whimsicals, and laughter to the soul it feeds
    Or deeper poems, oh the dark and spooky deeds
    Or the ones that stick like sharp and pointy seeds

    My words do come sweet like nectar from a bee
    I make these myself, yes I do, only me
    And I’ll tell you as was said with much glee
    I am the poet, the official one in BYC!

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    Aug 18, 2011

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