oh crud did something i never thought i would do... pics included


10 Years
Jun 20, 2009
Rigby, Idaho
my friends mini lop doe had purbred babies 15 weeks ago.... and her mini rex doe had purebred babies 13 weeks ago tooo... shoot they are SOOOOO cute!
i went to go see and oops...

meet Bindi

and meet pearl...

oops.. lol my kids are happy tho! lol

edited because the link didnt paste right!
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We had a mini lop when the boys were little. Snuffy was a discarded Easter bunny that someone didn't want - so he came to live with us. He was the best bunny we ever had. My oldest son Dane joined 4-H as a clover kid and Snuffy was his first project. Snuffy was fixed, house trained and was a super pet. He looked very similar to your little mini lop. I hope your kids have as much fun with their bunny's as mine did with Snuffy.

Good Luck and thanks for sharing.
This is how it starts.

I was going to go back to raising Angoras or Mini Lops, but wanted to check out some Lionheads. Went to a show and came home with 3. Then I bought two more from one of the same breeders. Then I bought 3 more recently.

Hoping to have a litter the first part of next month.

Addicting huh Deb??

I think she's one of us now. LOL

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