Oh Great..i'm Using Medicated Food


9 Years
Jan 6, 2011
Upper Lake, California
Is this WRONG to be using Purina Mills Start & Grow MEDICATED MEDICINAL? I Don't even know what "Medicinal" is... I'm sure the food i was using Before this bag of Purina Mills WASN'T Medicated. Grrrrr... when i get feed from the local pet store its in a brown paper bag b/c they would sell it in smaller amounts in stead of the larger big bag(probably b/c their making more $ by me buying it this way) stupid me just not thinking about it. So by it not being in a regular feed bag with feed name i dont know off hand the name and other info. But I'm sure I asked for a non medicated feed. ~MY PROBLEM IS WHEN MY MOM WENT TO THE FEED SUPPLY STORE (a different store than i go to) SHE PICKED UP FEED FOR ME (just trying to be helpful) & i just noticed it said Medicated. I've been feeding this to my 9week old duck which is now almost 11 weeks old & the new ducklings which are now 2 weeks old.
At 2 weeks old you can more or less move them on to a grower finisher, plus you need to get the protein levels down for your 11 week old too. So since you have been feeding it, finish the bag and move on to the grower/finisher. Dont worry about it if you have already been feeding it this long
It's fine to feed them the purina start and grow. I raise my ducklings on it. As long as the "medicene" in it is amprol/amprolium it is fine for them. It's a preventative against coccidiosis.....which ducklings can also get and die from.
So it wont hurt them by feeding that? ~ What should i feed "lucky ducky"~ my baby.. well my bigggg baby,11 weeks? lol he's getting so big i love him so much he totally comes and follows me he even will come to see my mom and he loves to nibble on Dylan's arm or leg (my 9 yr old son). This week was his first time outside over night with the other ducks but not the Rouen/his daddy they just see each other through the fence since the Rouen drake is usually not too keen on other drakes lol but at lease the others for now all get along. Thanks, ~Julie~

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