Oh, I hope they'll be ok...first night outside


15 Years
Jun 23, 2008
North Carolina
My EE's are now 3 1/2 weeks old. I had them outside all day in the coop/run and same today. Thankfully, there has been no fighting whatsoever between them and our banties...in fact, the EE's are more dominant (they take food away from the banties all the time!).

Anyways, things went so well the past two days, they've been off the heat lamp inside for over a week and it's supposed to be in the 50's tonight. The coop is draft free, so I think they'll be ok, don't you?

They did NOT want to go into the coop though. When I left them, I looked in and they were just standing there looking scared to death. I'm going to check on them in about an hour. If they don't look calm or are restless, then I'll just bring them back in.

UGH. I don't think I can leave them out there. I'm reading all kinds of posts that say wait until they're older. *on my way to go get them and bring them in*
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I brought them in.
They were sound asleep, but they were right in front of the door (they have to climb the ladder to get inside because the opening is underneath the coop) and I was afraid they would get cold.

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