Oh jeesh, NOT again!


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Feb 28, 2007
South Eastern Indiana
Well.....I lost 2 EE yesterday morning. MINK!! O M Gosh! I am so OVER these vermine. It had to climb up the wall of this coop, and go in under the eave. I was going to go out there this morning to put fencing up over the eaves, but, we are haveing a BLIZZARD! EEEK! I have to get out there, and check feed and waters...and the trap I set...but scared to see if there are more casualties. And, wouldnt you know it...my little hen is setting on Turkey eggs...due today! Hope this snow stops SOON, we are supposed to get 10 to 14 inches....but have 4 ft drifts....I can see several out there already. These people around here dont know how to handle snow...so I guess we are home bound, for a few days. LOL
Dear Deb, Im sorry that you had more casualties, move over here with us!!!
Now that you are snowed in, and im sorry to hear that too, you can crochet some squares for the swap!!!
I hope you can try and get through this without too much stress, please take it easy and be careful in the snow.
Dang girl, you have the worst luck lately. I wish you well, and success in getting those preds. How is that hen - Eve doing?
Eve is doing well. I went out this morning..no casualties....YEAH!! And Eve was up on the roost. I turned on thier heat lamp...so she can stay warm in this cold weather. She doesnt need the stress of the cold on top of everything. I put cracked corn in thier feeder, and she hopped down, wanting more! I will feed her ANYTHING she wants.
As for the MINK....nothing last night. Guess the storm kept it home. It will be even hungrier tonight...so later today, DH and I are going out to block any and all openings we can find. This one, when I get it...gets stuffed!
bantymum :
Dear Deb, Im sorry that you had more casualties, move over here with us!!!

Ohhhh, that would be a GREAT dream come true! I dont think DH would want to leave HIS family behind tho... ( I wouldn't mind!) LOL
Oh Deb, I am so sorry for your loss.
Those dang minks are my biggest fear since they can squeeze through an inch size hole. I've had nightmares about them. Is Eve the broody one sitting on turkey eggs?
Hope you can trap this varmit tonight. Keep us posted!

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