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    Since I only have 1 viable egg, and I'm going out of my skin on the ones outside, would this idea work?? What if I started incubating some of the ones outside, and come lock down where I take the turner out and increase humidity and all, what if I bought this incubator for my single viable egg and put it in this one during lock down and let it hatch in this one? I can buy it without the quail eggs.
    And continue incubating the new ones in the Genesis until they are ready to hatch? Would that work? I'm going nuts knowing I have a viable egg and there are 9 maybe 10 this morning now out there that are not getting sat on, she has been laying since August 27th and still yet to sit. Thankfully the temp outside has been rather cool. I think I know why the others did not take or make it other then not bein fertile possiby, during her 1st week of layin it was really warm to hot outside, from egg 9-20 now it's been really cool, it hasn't warmed up dramatically.

    So what do you think of my idea?? Could that work?? Put the single one in the chickabator and whatever new eggs I add keep in the Genesis. If I ordered the chickabator it will arrive well before lock down where I can get it warmed up and humidity levels where it needs to be for lock down on this one egg.

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    Don't even think about getting the cheap chickabator toy. It is that bad!

    You might as well get a cheaper still air incubator (without fan in it) for hatching, and keep it as a hatcher.
    This has the advantage that the air doesn't circulate and you have a machine that can get contaminated during hatch. You basically protect your expensive machine. For that it is ok to get the cheap one from the tractor supply store. Just make sure the temp and humidity is spot on, but you have days before lock down to play with it. This is what the big hatcheries do. They have an incubator and a hatcher for hygiene reason. Trust me it gets dirty when they hatch.

    Most of your first eggs were bad because of your duck, not the weather. The first 2 weeks of a new mom are usually no good. You may have one or two good ones, but the rest is not it. Most breeders would not even put those egg into the incubator, because they are a waste of time. You will have the same issue next year when she starts again, only then it is the 1st week.

    So if you have a second machine it will work. You simply take the one egg out when it is time and leave the other ones in the incubator. The only down side you have is the age difference. It could be that the older duckling will attack the younger ones. So keep the younger ones separated for the first week of their life and then try to introduce them to each other. It may work, because of the single duck.

    If you go with the other eggs, either take a few of the new ones or just take them all. She will still lay eggs.
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    Here are 2 pictures of my good egg #10, it's really coming along!! My son helped take the picture, I held the egg he took the picture. OMG I just LOVE that cool tough candler light! This was candled a short time ago, day 8!



    I'm not even going to wait the 10th day on the others, they do not look at all like #10, and then #9 has the defined blood ring and very sloshy looking. Here are pictures of #9, 8, 7 and what the others look like before I toss them, then you'll see the difference.

    #9 https://www.backyardchickens.com/forum/uploads/66568_img00441-20100919-1208.jpg



    you can clearly see, 8 of the 9 are a clear FAIL!
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    You are right they are not good. #10 looks normal. The center connecting to the blood vessels is where the heart is. You can actually get a real cheap stethoscope for 5 bucks at the pharmacy or Walmart. With that and a little bit of practice you will be able to hear the heartbeat. The key is to put the listening part near the heart, which you can see in the candling. I usually do that once per week, by unplugging the turner and listening to each egg. Just don't forget to plug the turner back in.
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    We already have a stethoscope from when I was pregnant listening to my boys heartbeat! SWEET!! I'll probably pull the eggs and put the ones in place of the bad ones, and wait to buy the cheaper incubator next weekend when I candle to see if any are viable before I spend the money. I truly hope seeing the heart and all increases the chance of full development. #10 is my duckie not my boys! LOL [​IMG]
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    Also I just want to say as much as I am or can be a PITA(pain in the arss) I have truly, TRULY appreciated all your input. So THANK YOU my friend! "Birds of a feather stick together."[​IMG]
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    You know, I'm thinking the reason she isn't going broody is the fact that after school kids are always up here and jumping on the trampoline and she is staying away from her nest as instinct to distracting predators from bothering her nest! Because there are days that I have 8 kids jumping on the tramp no matter what I tell them. So maybe once again I will bring them up on our deck away from all the commotion.

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    The other eggs should be of better quality. I think next year you are going to be addicted to hatching eggs. There are so many eggs you can buy on ebay (not all sellers are good) or even on www.metzer.com Reality is that it will cost you the same or a little bit more hatching them yourself, because not all with hatch.
    I know it is faster to buy ducklings, but there is this bonding that happens with us when we nurture eggs in the incubator. It is a miracle to see them develop and later hatch.
    Also order this product now, because it helps the babies to develop right.
    All my babies get this for their first 10 days for drinking only. This prevents many knows problem due to deficiencies.
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    Well I just took 8 out of 10 eggs from the igloo to start incubating tomorrow, I kept the 2 oldest from the 1st batch I orginally pulled, but put back in the igloo to only have her add to them with the 8 she laid, so I pulled the 8 newest ones, they look a lot plumper and heartier. 11 & 12 are put back, however the ones I pulled are not marked. But to me they look good/better then the 1st batch, here is the set before I put 11 & 12 back in the igloo.
    I candled them all and everyone has a yolk and look really nice on the inside. Now to wait near end of the week to see if anything is alive!

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