Oh marshmallow.


Apr 19, 2015
Over the years I've noticed marshmallow has a strange little thing she does. I'm curious if anyone has ever seen this. Shes always been a strange little being. She does not get bred. If a rooster tries to breed her she runs like the dickens and if I'm present runs to me (which is weird cuz she hates me). But what shes does when the rooster breed the other hens is the weird thing. If it happens in here eye shot she will go over and peck the hen as if to say that's my man.... yet she doesn't want to be bred. Is she a prude? Can chickens have a sense of appropriateness? Shes never hurt anyone. And it's never a viscous attack. It's a behavioral trick I've never been able to explain. Thought maybe someone would know why she does this.


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Maybe I'm giving her too much credit.
Yes, you are....well, you're anthropomorphizing (attributing human thought and emotions to animals).
It's really hard to say what the deal is, some kind of pecking order thing maybe.

Are you positive she hasn't been mated, by checking her yolks for fertility when breaking them to eat? How old is she?


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Jul 23, 2018
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It could be she is chastising them because she does not like that particularly roo and the right one has not come along or it did and she is laying down territory. She also could have moved on from the experience and is hen pecking over something else. As long as the birds have their feathers and no one is getting hurt. It may be best to let them work it out themselves. If I see one of mine peck another however in front of me, I gently redirect them away from the bird they picked on and distract them with something else. Mine usually do not peck each other but I don’t keep a roo either.
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