Oh My! Orpingtons...so MANY colors!!!

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In my newbie, kind of poking around ... my coop isn't ready yet, so I can't bring home the 3 I've bought, I like finding out more about the girls (I hope) I've purchased.

I never KNEW they came in so many colors!

I'm hot on the trail of a blue Orpington ... but those Gold Laced Orpingtons are STUNNING!!!! I've got to have some...just to LOOK at. LOL

So, who's an Orpington fancier out there ... and do you have any Gold Laced ones for sale?
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The link took me to a search engine from a mobile phone company.

Julie (Bama Chickens) has some beautiful blue Orps.


I don't know of any decent gold laced Orps in US at the mo, but there are a few poeple working on them.
Unfortunately, I don't believe trade of live birds is allowed thanks to new restrictions.

If you can get them though...look me up!
In some ways, it's easier to work with what the U.S. has and create a new variety of the breed. In others...how I WISH we could get birds, eggs and chicks from the UK!!!!!!
I have a dozen of the buff orpingtons, 13 weeks old. They are getting more beautiful every day. They are definitely a breed I intend to keep.

Those golden laced orpingtons are awesome and I'd love to have some of those as well.

I'll definitely be shopping around for some more orpingtons in the future to add to my flock. I'd love to have a variety of colors.
Welcome to Backyard Chickens. I will send you some Websites for United Orpington Club, you may be interested and some other websites that might help.

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