OH NO :( I think I killed my chicks


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Feb 8, 2011
On friday 2/25/11 I decided to candle the eggs because it was day 7. I saw veins and I saw something in the egg moving around which I THINK was the chick. It was amazing and we were so excited!!!. I went away for the weekend, came back and the eggs were fine. I went to bed last night and it was 99.6 with 41% humidity. This morning I woke up and the wire must have gotten messed up because it was 76.5 degrees and 75% humidity!!! I am so worried we killed the baby chicks
I got the temp back up and the humidity down right away but my guess is they were like that for about about 9 hours as the temperature was dropping
I could kick myself because we were doing so well!!

Now only time will tell. I guess I will candle again on day 18 before lockdown and see what is going on. The next 8 days are doing to be torture not touching the eggs!!

has this happened to anyone and they still hatched?

I think that everything will be okay. I would sit on my hands and wait. I have had broody hens "quit" nests for a whole day, and then go back and sit. They still hatch chicks. I would not be surprised if you still hatch well. Don't fret, I think you will be surprised when you candle on the 18th!
Since you have nothing to lose by carrying on you may as well. I'm surprised that my hen hatch chicks in the freezing cold so you have a good shot too.

Wish you a sucessful hatch

Thanks for your reply. I am doing everything I can to keep busy and not think about it lol. Who knew I'd become completely consumed by this LOL

I love your avatar by the way, is that a pot belly pig??!?!
I was supposed to had a hatch today, but two days ago my temps spiked at 108. This morning they were down to 96. I don't have real high hopes with that spike, but you never know, so I'll give them a few days.

Figures they were the most expensive eggs I've bought lately and breeds I wanted.

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