Oh No! My New Incubator Won't Heat Up!!!!


10 Years
Sep 17, 2009
Kendall Park, NJ
I got a incubator and I thought I set it up correctly, but its not warming up. The fan is going, and I thought I installed the wafer correctly, but its not getting any higher than 70 degrees. I'm freaking because I bought Copper Maran eggs that will probably arrive today!

I bought the 1586 Picture Window Hova-Bator and turner from GQF. Twice I called for technical support could not get anyone on the phone. So I ended up talking to I think one of the order takers, and I hate to say she wasnt much help.

UGH! I'm so bummed I'm gonna lose these eggs! Can anyone provide some technical advice????
Sounds like you bought a dud...can you take it back and exchange it? You eggs need to be set within 7 days of being layed to have the best hatch rate from what I have heard on here....so, Possibly get another incubator? Good Luck !
Does the incubator have a "power on" indicator light?

If you back the wafer all the way away from the button on the microswitch does does the heating element begin warming up?

If the wafer is constantly pressing against the button the incubator will be in the "off" part of the cycle. To turn the incubator on the button has to be released (not pressed).

One more thing...the wafer has to be carefully threaded on the shaft so that it isn't crooked. It is supposedly easy to screw it on crooked where it does't work correctly.

Well I got it working about 5 hours ago, and the light came on and the heat is now at about 75 degrees. How long should it normally take to reach hatching temperature?
Has the light been cycling on and off?
If it is staying at 75 degrees and the light is going on and off every several minutes then the thermostat needs to be turned up higher.


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