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6 Years
Apr 16, 2013
My friend is getting a dog,and we are getting chicks,but her yard leads to a meadow which is a great place to bring a baby chick.There is loads of things that could be a little bit of a treat to the chicks,in fact one of my other friends brings her chicks there and feed them grasshoppers and I am worried that the dog will not love the chicks as much as I do!!! Do you know what I should do!!!???
If it is a puppy than the chicks are just chew toys, but it really depends if its an adult dog. Could go both ways there, just watch and hold on his/her collar to get them used to the chicks
When we first got chicks, we spent time teaching our dogs that the chicks are part of our "pack". We gradually introduced the dogs to the chicks, making sure that we had control of the dogs with a short leash and correcting them if they tried to get too close or too excited. We taught the dogs to respect the chicks' space, by making them keep their distance and having them lie down when near the chicks. It has been amazing - the dogs quickly learned that they were not allowed to hurt the chicks, and now our male dog "herds" the chickens, protecting them when they free range. I will say, it was a long time before I completely trusted the dogs to be outside alone with the chickens.
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