Oh, why is IDing black chicks so hard?!


5 Years
Mar 6, 2014
They are all brown egg layers. I thought that since you all did such a great job of IDing my others, I would really put you to the test and let yall give these three a try. There are three chicks. I personally think that I have 2 black sex links and one Australorp. The only other option is Black Giants. Have fun and good luck! :)

This is Chick A. Her back and head, all black. Most of her wings are black, except for that little bit. Slight brown on wings when I spread it out, in pic 2. Side note on this one, her tail feathers are not developing as much as the others, could I accidentally have been slipped a little dude? Also, her wing feathers, when fully extended are shorter then all the others, this is not a good picture to show that, but I promise they are.

Chick B. She is not as white as the others. Her beak and feet are black, except up my her comb and bottom of feet.

Chick C. She has so much more white then first two. Yellow feet. White dot on top of head. White spots near eye.

Down color is variable even within breeds and shared by many different breeds, in your case every breed that carries the "extended black" gene will have chicks that look like yours. When ID'ing chicks, the color of the feet and whether there are feathers on their feet is usually a better indication, if the adults have those distinctions.

You are really going to need to wait until they are partially grown to make a proper determination.
The two with more white look more like Australorps, and the one with more black looks like a Black Sex-Link. But, I'm not sure on these guesses. It will be easier to tell when they are older and beginning to feather out.

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