ohhhhh no HELP!


10 Years
Mar 23, 2009
central ny
We got a new hen today, and she got out of the fence! Its about 10 pm now and Im assuming she has been gone about an hour if not longer. Tonight is her fist night in our home! Shes gone, we live in the middle of no wear. What are the chances she will come back or even live for that matter? We watched her for hours before leaving her with the other chickens and she was fine....then the hubby went to make sure everyone was in the coop and she is no were to be found. Im so sad!!!!!!!!!! Any idea's or help?????? Hubby is searching for her, but Im not sure how much good it will do its dark, and so isnt she...Oh man Im so sad she is out there scared and lonely!
I am so sorry t hear that, I hope you find her safe.
OHHHHHH, I'm soooo sorry!!! I'd still look too! Headlamp! Leave treats outside...more chicken than predator treats that is! You never know! Keep some hope in your heart... just for another day at least!
A little story: I was driving back from a vet appointment with my cats. My cats were loose in the car (stupid me!), and one of my cats sat on my lap while driving (again... stupid me!). That cat must have hit the window controls, because when I got home, my other, much smaller cat, was gone. I screamed. She could've been anywhere from the vets office to my house... 10 miles worth of roads, turns, businesses, traffic lights, etc. I looked for 12 days... every day and night with a spot light. On the 13th day, I got a phone call... a nice man saw the flyer I placed in the drive-thru window of a dunkin donuts, and recognized my cat as the feline living in his basement for the last couple of days. I didn't believe it, until I went and called her name.... and there she was, trotting up the stairs meowing at me as if to yell at me, "it took you long enough!"
Anyway... I know it's not the same situation... but, you never know.. she just may turn up!!!
He found her!!!!!!!
oh I am happier than a chicken eating a cricket! Oh my hubby rocks...He found her under some siding behing or wood shed..I mean it was like a needle in a hay stack! Oh Im so greatful!

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