Ohio - 4 Mallard ducklings and bantam Phoenix cockerel need new homes!


Chook Snuggler
8 Years
Apr 3, 2015
Northwest Ohio - The Buckeye State!
One of our Mallard girls recently hatched out 4 beautiful pure Mallard babies, but since we just don't have the room to keep them, we'd like to find (a) loving home(s) for them. Hatch date is 7-9-2016; all are extremely healthy and active. I feel they would make a lovely addition to a farm with a pond.
Asking $4 each.

Also, I've got a STUNNING bantam Black Breasted Red Phoenix cockerel that I purchased from a breeder who specializes in exhibition-quality bantams (Eagle Nest Poultry in Oceola, Ohio). Hatch date was 3-2-2016. Unfortunately, he proved himself untrustworthy around young children when he made the decision to jump at one's back. Other than that, he's been perfectly fine around adults and older children and seems to enjoy being picked up, snuggled (even contentedly closing his eyes), and carried around. With a little guidance from an experienced chicken keeper, I feel he has potential to make a fine rooster. Asking $5.

Also, we're located near Upper Sandusky (in Wyandot county, NOT to be confused with Sandusky). PM me for details!


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