Ohio-Blue, Blue Birchen, Black Copper Marans males and bantam Cochin males NPIP

Laurel Meadows

Oct 5, 2014
***Edited 8/6 to update what is still available***
We currently have several nice young males available for local/ driving distance customers (sorry, we do not ship birds at this time). We are located in the Central Ohio area.

SOLD! 2- Bantam Cochin males 11 weeks old. $5 each. We have one black mottled and one solid blue split to mottled left.

2- Marans males 8 week old $8 each. Show /breeder quality. Both dark blue Birchen. Bred to APA standards, great feathering on legs and toes.

1- Marans male 11 weeks old, rare Blue Birchen $10 show /breeder quality bred to APA standards. Will be a stunning rooster.

ALL SOLD! 4- Marans males 11 weeks old, Black Coppers. 2 have excessive copper coloring and came from an outside line for dark eggs. $5 each. Other two males are nicely marked but have dark eyes. Also hatched from outside line bred for dark egg color, $5 each.

We are NPIP participants, birds are Pullorum -Typhoid clean and avian influenza H5/H7 negative.

For more info or to see everything we have for sale, please message me here through byc or stop by our Facebook page at: www.facebook.com/LaurelMeadowsFarm
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