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Sep 2, 2019
Help! To make this story short. My neighbors are convinced my chickens have made them sick, but I have talked to the health department and they have assured me that unless they are eating chicken poop they were infected by contaminated food. They were told she was sick because of campylobacter if you care to look it up. Anyways, he has declared war on our chickens, now they rarely wonder into their property. I am having trouble finding the laws on putting up a fence in Richland county Ohio. We live way out in the country not anywhere near a town. He shot one of my chickens that I am 99% sure is still on my property and I am just at my limit.
Usually only city and county ordinances affect one's ability to keep chickens. If you are in a rural area, there shouldn't be any state laws impacting you.
Sounds like a troublemaking neighbor so a good fence is your best bet.
You must keep your animals on your property.
If he shot a chicken on your property, I would get the sheriff involved and bill your neighbor for the replacement cost of the bird.
I have very good neighbors. They are fine no matter how many chickens I have but they do get fidgety when the chickens get off of my property. I'm constantly working on fences.
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