Oil for LG Egg Turner


16 Years
Jan 25, 2007
Athens, Ga/ Hayesville, NC
I have been having some issues with my turner recently. The motor is running but the eggs are not being turned. I took the whole thing apart and the output shaft on the motor would spin when plugged in. I could turn the eggs without the motor attached but it took a little force. I am wondering if there is any type of oil i could use on the pivot points that would not cause any harm to eggs.

Any Ideas?
Oil probably isn't a good idea.

Check all the contact points on the mechanics for wear and binding.

Check also that the motor gears haven't stripped. The older ones were plastic and subject to failure, the newer ones have metal gears.

Even with damaged gears it is possible that the spindle will turn but not be able to produce sufficient torque to turn the eggs without slipping.

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