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ok advise needed on integration attempt ( again)

Discussion in 'Raising Baby Chicks' started by Chickiemom25, Jun 17, 2011.

  1. Chickiemom25

    Chickiemom25 Songster

    May 13, 2011
    North Alabama
    this is the on going battle to get my 2 now about 8 week olds to integrate with the 3 6 week olds.. I moved the 3 younger to the coop and run a week ago. They are doing fine but still sleeping outside in the dirt. One of them ( white rock) is as big as the 2 older girls and never seems to have a problem getting along ( maybe because she looks like the older buff orpington and the chickens are not bright). however my EE last time was picking on the barred rock and the ugly gangly one, both of which MIGHT be roos but I am waiting due to uncertainty at this young age. When I seperate the 2 older girls from each other, the orpington cries relentlessly. However I really want to get the 2 older girls out of the dog crate as they need more exercise. how much pecking should I tolerate from the EE on the barred rock? Last time the barred just turned its back on the EE but the EE wouldnt stop pecking her so I took the 2 older ones out again. The 3 other girls are no consolation for the orpington. She wants to be with the EE.

    Should I put a box in the run for the barred to hide in if the EE picks on her again? I should be able to make one with a smaller doorway for her.

  2. They way I have been very successful with intergrating is a screen from my windown between the run and coop. I keep them like that for two weeks (the new ones in the coop and the older ones or originals in the run or free ranging with access to the run. At night the new ones are in a crate in the coop and in the morning I do it again. Works every time but I have all docile breeds except one EE that is not very nice, but still pretty good compare to alot of breeds.

    I just put one nest box in the run so they have a familiar place to lay and within two weeks I let the new ones to start free ranging. They still real cloose to the coop and eventually join the "big girls".

    It is a slow process to get them intergrated peacefully. Good Luck!
  3. nurseshelly

    nurseshelly Songster

    Feb 24, 2011
    Gilbert AZ
    Have you tried putting the younger ones on the roost after dark and letting them all wake up together? It might help everyone accept each other. Another thing you might try is feeding everyone meal worms or pieces of bread together.
    Does the EE just pick on the Barred Rock a little and then move on to something else? Or does she just beat the BR up every time she is in sight and not quit? If she doesn't let up, I would find the EE a new home. We had a cochin like that, it picked my Buff Brahma bantam and just beat him up every opportunity, even when he was submissive or cowering and she would chase my BB all over to attack him. Getting rid of the cochin was the best thing we ever did for peace in the coop. It's so much nicer when everyone gets along.
    If the EE just picks on the BR occasionally (mild pecking) and then moves on to something else, they should work things out on their own. That is just the normal pecking order getting sorted out and it takes a bit to establish. Also, you might find that you always have two flocks, your older ones and your younger ones and they may stay mostly apart. I had two flocks separated by when they were introduced (some were 8 weeks, some were 10 weeks), they are finally all integrated as one flock, everyone hanging out together equally, but it's taken 3 months.
  4. Nicole01

    Nicole01 Crowing

    Mar 28, 2011
    I have 2 flocks. Flock 1 is 3 chicks 13 weeks old. Flock 2 is 5 chicks 12-7 weeks old. I have a xl wire dog kennel in the coop separating when I'm not supervising, I usually stick flock 1 in there. My older ones will kill the babies or would of if given the oppertunity. After about 5 days I put flock 2 on top of the dog kennel to sleep with flock 1. They sleep great in the dark, but as soon as I let light in the big ones peck the little. There has been progress since day one, but this is a very slow and frustrating process. My bantam is 7 weeks and small. I worry about her the most. Once the dog kennel is out, I'm going to build an escape cave for her in the run and the coop until she reaches full size if she is getting picked on. Good luck with your integration. I spend many hours in the coop making sure every chick is okay.

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