Ok all you goat raisers, I need some help..

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  1. We are planning getting goats. 2 to be exact, do they get along well with dogs, I mean like can they defend themselves at first to show the dogs they aren't going to take any crap so the dogs would leave em be. and also does it matter which kind I get....to eat the most..like grass,blackberrys,weeds, that sort of thing...???? Any advice would be helpful.. THANK YOU
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    Mar 25, 2008
    Well first off, I need to warn you for your dogs sake! They seem to dislike dogs very much. My nephew's and my own goats will charge the dogs. I actually have to be careful when my mini dachshund goes outside, because my 4 month old pygmy's will run her down. Literally! One of my little does got my dog yesterday while I was hanging laundry. I thought she was going to kill her. It scared me to death! So no need to worry about the goats protecting themselves from the dogs!

    Second, the bigger the goat, the more grass, weeds, and such will be eaten. If you are looking for a goat to help clear property or to help keep it clear, I would suggest going with something like a Boer. Nothing miniature.

    Good luck and post some picks as soon as you get them!
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    Nov 9, 2007
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    When I first got Billy, our nigerian dwarf, I knew I could trust my irish wolfhound mix Charlie around him; because Charlie is gentle with all creatures small and large (except maybe chickens [​IMG] ) The one I knew not to trust around Billy was Jake, our border collie. Now several months later, Charlie is indeed gentle with Billy and they play together well. The surprising thing is that Jake is also very good around Billy and in fact, they are the best of friends. Billy is penned up in one area of the yard and Jake is on a runner in another part (they can't see each other). Every morning Jake barks impatiently and Billy whines until I go out and release Billy so that he can go play with Jake. The noise stops once they are together. We plan to make a new pen for Billy closer to Jake's runner, where they will be seperated by a fence but still able to see each other and touch noses. Only a few times have I had to get onto Jake for playing too rough with Bill. When the dogs get too rough, Billy rears up and gives them a good head butt, but I have had to step in a few times, as I said.
    Billy won't eat grass. He much prefers my rose bushes. He also loves tree leaves, weeds, and he is busy right at this moment eating poison oak off of a dead tree.
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    Feb 8, 2007
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    We had a goat once, best pet we ever had, she was so much fun. Her and the dog and the cat got along great...it was so funny to see my six year old going for a walk with the dog tagging behind, then the goat and lastly the cat!
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    I just got my three boer goats Saturday, Emma, Sophie, and B.J., Sophie's son. I love them already, BUT....everyone assured me that the high tensile fence plus a hot wire, about midway up the fence, would hold them. NOT!! I turned them to the pasture yesterday afternoon, and this morning, they saw something they wanted to taste in my yard. Not a problem, for them...head between the bottom wire and the next one, and just scitter through. The wires are as tight as I can get them. So, if a bottom hot wire doesn't stop them, I guess I'll have to rethink this whole goat thing. On the brighter side, they have no problem with Shylo, my golden, and she kinda likes them, too.
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    May 24, 2007
    Goats don't generally chose to eat grass. They are browsers, meaning they like to eat bushy plants, thistles, roses, leaves from trees, the bark from trees, etc. If you want a 'lawn mower' then I'd suggest getting sheep. They are great at that.

    Never, ever believe that a dog won't kill your goat. It's just like with chickens. Some dogs are 'probably' safe with goats and some most certainly are not. Because goats love to jump and buck and race around it brings out the natural 'prey' drive in dogs. They love to chase things that move around quickly. Dogs have literally chased goats to death, not biting them but literally just chasing them around till they drop dead. Dogs have attacked and physically killed goats.

    Now, as stated, some goats will take on a dog and teach it a lesson and that may be enough to stop that dog from messing with goats again. It's a risky chance to take.

    Unless the dog has grown up with the goats (like Great Pyrenees who are actually used as livestock guard dogs) I would never trust a dog around your goats without people supervision.
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    Feb 9, 2008
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    Goats and dogs can get along, but be warned, dogs are one of the biggest killer of goats. Some friends lost their entire herd (10) goats to 2 german shepherds that jumped or climbed their cattle panel fence. They killed every single goat for fun. Goats actually have very little defense against a dog.

    That said, welcome to the world of goats, you will love them!
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    Quote:Take your two wires that are not hot and ground them!!! Then when they try to go between they will get zapped.
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    Mar 27, 2008
    i had a nubian goat raised him with a Rott pup.The darn thing thought it was a dog.They lived together for about a year till someone poisoned my rott.It was just so cute to watch the goat follow that rott.Sadie was a few years older the Rotts older half sister and she never bothered that goat,she proubly thought it was some strange dog.
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    I've had goats most of my life and they always got along with my dogs. I had one that lived in the dog house with the dog, and if the goat couldn't see the dog it would scream it's head off. They were inseperatable. Now I have nigerion dwarfs and they love to play with my boston terrier. They even play "butting heads". I would just observe things when you first introduce them. You will get a feeling on how it's going to be. And I agree, unless the goats are babies, they will defend themselves. Good luck. Goats are fun!

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