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  1. whiskeybiz

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    Sep 15, 2012
    Ok, so tell me all of the pros and cons, ethical and otherwise to dying hens. Namely silkies, I've seen some people freely dye their flock and they always come with the 'don't get on my case for dying them' etc, but aside from dying chicks for easter, if it's a regularily bathed hen, and it's a natural vegetable based dye or something like, oh hmm, beet juice, what is the real issue? My mind leans in both directions!

    oh, and I keep a blog and have been candling our silkie hens while my kids learn about the ins and outs of egg development, if anyone has any interest it's here :

    www.duppadee.com [​IMG]
  2. nanaluvsgps

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    Apr 5, 2012
    Me personally,I think it's dredfull. If chickens were meant to be purple or pink, they would be. Druing easter time the chickens are bought as cute little things chucked in a cage and forgotten about after the novelty runs out. Dying of chickens in my opinion should be banned, even using natural dyes.

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