OK... I think I've decided on a warm climate coop


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May 15, 2009
Calera aka Minooki
I went to one of the threads here and read about heat and chickens, after I got advice from a friend who's girlfriend is a chicken pro, and this is what I decided.

I am building a leanto coop 8x8 for 10 chickens (for now). It will be under some pine trees ,will this help with hawk predation?, and will be facing east, where the prevailing wind and bad weather comes from. There are some trees in front too so maybe that will help with the rain. I am going to leave the front open with 2" fencing over the face. I'm gong to build shutters for the front, 2 4x8 peices of plywood crosswise that will both hinge. The top one will be a porch most of the time and the bottom will act as a ramp.

Should I fence the front if the run is secure? No need for a ramp if the front is fenced.

There will be 2 walls outside the run, one with laying boxes and the other cleaning access. I have a window but do I really need it? I guess the people door will be in the run since the front is wide open!

Do ya'll think there is a perfect way to do everything no matter what the circumstances, no matter how simple? I'm just not smart enough to always get it.

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