OK, KS, MO watch your weather.

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    If you live in Oklahoma or around KCMO and other areas within those states, please be aware of the weather around you. Be prepared and take proper precautions. My mother called from Wichita and said something very nasty is making its way through OK and heading straight toward the KCMO area and surrounding towns. Tornadic activity and hail have already been reported with this cell.

    Since it's getting on into the evening, I highly suggest you spend the night in your basements. If you don't have a basement, I suggest contacting friends and family and seeing if you can have a "Slumber party" in their basement for the evening.

    The storm may amount to absolutely nothing and die off like a swatted housefly. And then you can allllll laugh and point at me for being silly. [​IMG]

    I'd much rather be made a laughing stock for trying to warn people, than doing nothing and watching people lose their homes and lives.

    Please be careful and keep your eyes open for trouble and your ears open for sirens and other alerts...the weather isn't the least bit biased regarding whom it chooses to wreak havoc on.

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    Thanks for the warning. We're just north of KCMO, and it looks like we should be good, but it never hurts to have an extra heads-up.

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