Ok, not sure if this is "nesting" or not


10 Years
Sep 27, 2009
Floresville, Texas
I just got my laying hens on Friday of last week, but the lady I got them from off of Craigslist says they were laying prior to selling them. I know they need to settle in, so I'm being patient.

However, today they managed to get out of the pen through a crack in the door that had been left open, so I find them roaming the yard (no big deal), but one was on the side of the fence digging a concave in the dirt and kicking dirt up and off the sides while laying down. The other went back to the pen, but I left it open and she soon returned to help her with her digging.

Not sure if this is egg laying behavior, or if they are just enjoying the dirt?

They have a pen with plenty of dirt, but I haven't seen this behavior inside of the pen. They do have nestboxes, but only go to them at night.
Sounds like they were dust bathing. Mine have dirt in the run also but when they get out to free range they dust bathe other places too.

As for the sun, sometimes mine get out and lay on the concrete in the sun, stretch out the wings and legs. It is really a funny site to see.
My girls love to dustbathe, and have a number of "favorite spots" in the yard. . . even though I have provided a dust bath area in their run. The only time they use the one in the run is when they are cofined for several days. . . a rare occasion, and mostly when I am out of town and my chicken sitter does not want to let them out 'cause she is uncertain that she can get them back in. Chooks LOVE their dirt / dust baths!

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