Ok silly question/ observance

Yes Ive used fleece in the past and had no problems with it i usually just use old blankets we don't use any more sheets , towels etc I don't put anything overly fluffy and cut it to fit the space it does work well for the babies
I find it substantially easier to clean up also , as I just throw ito the dirty one and put a new one in it takes just seconds to clean up their area!
They should be just fine with pine shavings. Its the cedar one’s you don’t want to use; the oil is poisonous to chics. You can use your fleece but you’re going to be throwing fleeces away every couple days which may get a little pricey; whereas pine shavings are pretty cheap...
I tried the paper towels today and these spoiled chicks were afraid of it! They don’t know what they are missing lol! But I cleaned out their bedding and put a lot of the finer chips very thick and they seem very happy!!!thanks all for your help!!!

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