UPDATED on 24 Aug 2017 with more photos and dimensions

This is my little girl (bantams) coop, the run part. It's when it was first put up, it's got some shadecloth over it now and some logs and "stuff" inside now (including the little girls who hadn't moved in at the time), it's not so sparse.

This is the coop part of the little girls' house. My white sussex/araucana cross is in the doorway. She was little then, she's now huge.

This is the coop today. Each coop now has 2 water containers, a 15L and a 10L, with Lubing cups on them. There's also a small "dine-a-chook" waterer mounted next to the front door, and a feeder on the right. That's just full of shell grit, and they also have a long trough feeder next to that. In the doorway to the run is my black copper maran, Lucy. She was born at the end of last year.
coop front_107.JPG

This is the run now, with the shadecloth over. That's Flossie (Florence), she's the head chook. Here she is telling me that I should refill their feeders. I should name the coop Flossie's Fortress or something. It's amusing watching her boss the bigger girls around.

This is a side view showing the egg door. The chicken door can be opened and closed from the outside, but I leave it open all the time. In the right foreground is my new rescue dog, Freddie. He thinks his job is to chase chickens. We disagree on this point.
coop side_105.JPG

The dimensions of the little girls' house are:
House and attached run - 3m(about 10ft)x 1.5m, the house is about 1.2m (4ft) of that
The run on the other side is about 3.5mx2.2m (11.5 ft x 7ft)

This is the big girls' house. I ended up with 2 houses when the isa browns were mean to the new bantams. It used to be a child's cubby house that I got for free and paid a guy to transport and put up at my place. I put up the run. Some might call it "old and crappy" - I call it "rustic".
big girls' coop_102.JPG

This is the coop now. Basically the same. Plywood above the gate didn't get painted, is now looking weathered.

This is their buffet area with their fancy new treadle feeder. It's terrific, I'd like to swap the little girls to one (preferably 2), but it cost quite a lot of money so I'm working up to that. That's Marcy in the front, the one who is in the early photo of the little girls' coop when she was little.

This is a side view. The timber's quite weathered, it could use a coat of something. Maybe I'll paint it one day so that it looks nicer. It's all meshed underneath and the girls can go under there.
coop side_110.JPG

Here are my 2 new little girls demonstrating how you can go underneath.
coop underneath_112.JPG

The verandah

The dimensions of the big girls' house are:
House about 1.8m x 1.8m (6ft), about 2.5m including the verandah (underneath area about 2.5 x 1.8)
Front run is about 3m (10ft) x 1.2 (4ft)