Ok, still more egg questions

Discussion in 'Ducks' started by TLWR, Jan 28, 2011.

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    Jul 10, 2010
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    Wednesday afternoon, I think Ally laid an egg while eating her snack around 4pm. I think it was her because it was white. But it was not a hard shell, so I don't know if the inner layer is the same for all and then the shell is colored?
    Thursday morning, I found 1 egg in the nest. Figured we'd not get one from Ally anyway.
    This morning, 2 eggs in the nest and I thought I saw one buried. I did. It was white. So I have two white eggs this morning. So did Ally lay an egg Wednesday night too and I just didn't see it yesterday (that sucker was COLD while the other 2 - 1 was warm and 1 was chilly, but not COLD like the buried one). I rooted around to see if I could find another blue egg, but didn't see one. I'll look again later when I empty their bins and wash them out.

    Ally - white eggs
    Blue - blue eggs
    Cadbury - blue eggs

    Ally - egg Wednesday am, egg Wednesday at 4pm, egg Thursday am?, egg Friday am
    Blue - egg Wednesday am,
    Cadbury - egg Wednesday am, egg Thursday am, egg Friday am

    I think I can tell Cadbury and Blue's eggs apart (or tell one from the other, I really only have a guess which ones come from those 2). One is much more elongated and pointy while the other is more egg shaped. I think Blue gives me the pointy elongated ones. So I'm using that to base who gave me the blue eggs this week.

    I don't really expect an egg a day, but should I be? And should I be worried if somebody isn't? Do I need to worry about egg binding and if so, what the heck am I looking for? And should a random mid day soft shelled egg be a concern?

    They get oyster shell in a dish next to their food. They don't seem to each much of it. They get daily veggies. They find what they want in the yard.
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    Im still waiting for an egg to appear on the baby side of the room. They are 23 weeks old. [​IMG] It wont be too long now..I think Ive been saying that for a month already.
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    the soft shell i would not worry about one of mine did the same thing. when mine started

    i got one egg a day for about 5 days then all of a sudden

    i got 3 eggs every day for about 3 weeks

    then i started getting 4 eggs for a week then

    i get 5 eggs a day everyday now outta 6 girls

    but yesturday i found a soft wrinkly bit of shell so i'm excited i think my six girl is starting up to lay

    yes they are small at first but one of my girls lays pointy eggs which is good cause she is crested so i can pick her eggs out better

    mine all lay white eggs

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