Ok this might be a dumb question but Im new to this....


10 Years
Jun 2, 2009
Coleman Michigan
Im getting my hens in about 2 weeks and this will be our first attempt with laying hens. My question is My neighbor told me that if I only want eggs to eat and not hatch that I dont need a rooster. Is this true. He said that the rooster is only needed to fertilize the eggs so they will hatch. Help me please.
He is correct, you do not need a rooster for eggs, they will lay anyway. If you want babies, you either need a rooster or to buy fertilized eggs.
Yes it is true, No roo needed unless you want fertile eggs. BTW.. No, such thing as a stupid question. If you want to know, just ask.

He is right.
OK....another "stupid" question.....can a hen become broody and want to sit on eggs even if there is no rooster in the flock to fertilize them?

And.....why do I change my mind every few weeks as to what breeds of chickens I want to have?

BTW, I have to say this is the BEST place on the internet to learn about chickens, coops, chicks, egg laying, incubating eggs, etc. etc. with the nicest, most generous members.
*Snerk* At least you haven't GOT them yet. I keep deciding I want different breeds --w hich presents a problem once you've already got the birds. (AKA: I just keep buying more birds. My husband is going to leave me soon, I swear).

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