Ok to use DE along with ACV?


11 Years
Feb 17, 2008
Montpelier, Virginia
I started using organic DE in my chicken's feed not long ago, and a friend said he uses it all the time in his chicken's feed. We both use it for parasite control. I was recently reading up on all the benefits of unfiltered ACV.. is there any problem with using the DE in the feed, and ACV in their water? Is it too much for their system, and should only be used one at a time?
Personally, I don't see why this should be an issue.

While I don't add DE to the chickens feed, I do sprinkle it throughout the coop and I always have acv in the waterer. The girls all seem happy and healthy.

Some say it acv works, some say it doesn't, I say whats the harm? Infact, I started taking a tbls of acv everyday myself! If it is all its cracked up to be, it should help me stay healthy throughout the winter!

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