Ok what about this one?


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May 1, 2010
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I am bored and looking at my chicks and I have no clue what these are never seen breeds like this before.
They don't have feathers on the legs.

Thank you for looking!

could be copper black marrans. Very cute
I have a couple just hatched myself. They only have feathered legs if they are french marans so its a possible. Mine have a single comb though so don't know if that would rule it out.
Marans have pink feet. These to me look like a barred rock mix or even silver laced Wyandotte mix. You'll have to put out pictures in a couple to few weeks when they are feathered. Maybe they are full silver laced Wyandotte's?

I have a Cochin mix from the hatchery.
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I have been doing some research on here today , and believe this could be one of their light blue Hamburgs from Ideal Poultry hatchery.

I Ordered the Standard Surprise Pullet Special so there really is no real telling what I have here.

The black on the legs seem to be getting darker.

It appears the chick has a rose comb.

But it is def not a Barred rock mix or a Maran.

I will keep you guys posted with more pictures each week as the chick grows but we will know for sure when it starts having white ear lobs.

If you look at the ideal poultry web site you will see in the Hamburg section there are 3 colors of this chick a splash, light blue and a black.

Mine here has a lot of blue in it and if you notice in the picture on Ideal site the lighter the color the lighter the legs seem to be.

We will see as time goes by :)
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