okay i need all of your help finding this for a christmas present!

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    so my dad was talking to my sister and i yesterday and he was telling us about how smart he was when he was in school and he told us that he was in this book called "Who's Who Among American High School Students" twice once in his junior year 1969-1970 and again in his senior year in 1970-1971. the book is like the top 100 or so high school students in the country and he was in it twice! but when i asked him to show the book to me he said he never got them because his family was poor and couldnt afford them back then. sooo i need some help finding these books because i know it would mean alot to him to get them as a christmas present so if anyone has them of those two years, or finds one or knows where i can find one PLEASE let me know thanks [​IMG]
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    try this:


    Category: Reference, ReferencePublisher: New York: McGraw-Hill Book Company Inc... 8vo. 1969-1971. ..... Who's Who Among
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    abebooks.com is another good place to look.
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    Quote:aghh i already looked through all 20 million pages lol but thank you and ill check the all other sites thanks guys [​IMG]
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    I hate to be a downer, but if I remember correctly anyone that is a B average or better gets the offer to be included in the book for that year. You just have to pay the $150 to be included. So, it is possible that he may not be in the book if he didn't have the money at the time to get put in. I graduated HS in '97 and this is how it was at that time. It may have been different when your dad was in school.
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    I was in that book too!! I bet you could order it from "Who's who". I lost my book too, now that gives me an idea!!!
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    it is basically just a way to make money. same for that poetry thing. if they put your child in that book and charged you $150 to buy it...or published your poem and charged you to buy the book it is in...clever clever business tactics I would say.
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    Did you try calling directly to the source?

    Customer Service:
    Student & Parent Inquiries

    Tracey S. Brinyark
    Phone:(800) 633-6580
    E-mail: [email protected]

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