Okay..so I'm not as smart as a broody hen


11 Years
May 22, 2008
Upstate NY
It's 27 degrees outside and I have a broody australorp. 2 days ago she claimed 6 eggs as her own. I didn't really want her to hatch any so I went to move her and she made the saddest little chicken face and wimper sounds. So, okay, 6 eggs...that's it. Yesterday I spent much of the day in the barn and she didn't get caught off the nest all day. I only got 1 egg from the other 8 girls yesterday...hmm.

This morning I see her sitting in one box over and my orp is on her nest in a comatose state. I picked her up and moved her to another box. I count the eggs...all 16 of them! Yesterdays eggs and maybe a couple from this morning! I marked an x on the 16 eggs and put the australorp back on them. I can't believe I let them get away with that. The little turds outsmarted me.
Awww the girls want babies!
Sneaky girls!
I have two broodies right now, they've been broody for almost 3 wks now and have been checking every day under them. I've given them two fake eggs apiece since I hope to give them day-olds next week. It's finally warming up somewhat so the next girl who goes broody will be allowed to set and hatch a clutch.
This morning my buff orp was on the nest. I picked her up and set her in the next one over and checked for unmarked eggs. When I put her back there were 2 marked eggs in the second nest! She must have had them tucked in under her wings!

If I go out this evening and find more eggs with x's then I'll be concerned

I hate lifting them off the nest. I feel like I'm opening the bator.
I was so amazed that she could hold on so tightly to those 2 eggs that they didn't fall out when I moved her. I know now to check under her wings before I pick her up.

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