okey listen I really really need chicken names

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  1. I need chicken names please!!!!!!!!! help help need them need them please :bow
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    Can you tell us about your chickens? Breeds/ages etc. That may help us get started. [​IMG]
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    I like to name my girls unique names. They are golden comet girls named: Buffy (for buffalo), Terri (for teriyaki), Barbie (for BBQ), and Tyrone (long story...). Yes, we have a strange sense of humor!

    I had an Ella, Speckled Sussex named for Cruella because she looked like she had a dalmation coat.
    Lou, or Lou Hoo, was my Easter Egger. I wanted to name her something Dr. Seuss since she laid green eggs. RIP: neighborhood naughty dog.

    My Tyrone and Lou would always confuse non-chicken friends, making them wonder if only the female chickens lay. :)

    I will be getting around 2-3 more golden comets in the spring and will be looking for more unique names. So I am curious on other responses you may get.

  4. well see I do not have them yet but I'm getting a dozen this is the most I have gotten before.
    and thay are going to be 1 day old when I get them. the breeds are: 2 golden comets 2 bantams 2 bared rocks 1 red bard rock cross 2 EEs and 1 buff Orpington.

    so tose are all the breeds. Oh by the way wanesworld92 thanks for the names ( I love the name Ella ) :)
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    :gig I love it!
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    Here's a few of mine, good luck with your chickens! :thumbsup

    Inca, Mayan, Lucy, Reynbow, HennyPenny, Gem, Rain, Mystery, Bella, Muffin, Topaz, Coral, Lila, Jasmine, Majic, and Tahlulah.
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    Ours are all names from I Love Lucy right now, but I think that's common. Our girls are Ethel, Mrs. Trumble, Carlota Romero, and Carolyne Appleby. Our Lucy died a few weeks ago.

    We were planning on another round of chicks sometime in the future, and we were thinking we would name them after female singers. I can't remember all of them, but the one we can't seem to forget was on the list was Nellie Frittata (Nellie Furtado). I wish I could remember the rest of them, because they were so funny.

  8. cool. Love tosse names.its funny cause a had a chicken named rain R.I.P to a wild cat.

  9. sorry about Lucy.

    if your looking for female singer names Amy lee from evanaceice.
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