Olandsk Dwarf

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  1. I am interested in this breed but it's hard to find info on them. Anyone have pics or info?

  2. gottaluvfriends

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    Jun 14, 2012
    Hi everyone! I got my roo (Ivy- I was sure he was a boy when we named him, but when we purchased him, they were sure he would be a pullet, ah well, we can live with it) and our hen (Talia) from a local breeder (by local, I mean two hour drive to San Diego), who hatched them from Greenfire Farms. We got them as chicks back in July, and they're doing swimmingly! Ivy is nailing his crows much better from the starting screeches they used to be, but he's been such a good quiet roo. We let them roam in a enclosure during the day when one of us is home, their coop is in the process of completion, ETA who knows when, but bring them in at night to their kennel in the kitchen where they can see us while we're hanging out cooking or in the living room. For bedtime, I do move them into our cat's carrier to sleep on our nightstand next to the bed, and he generally (95% of the time) stays quiet in there until we move them into the kennel while we're at work or school or running errands. He's great for our neighborhood because he's not very loud, we're louder, makes us wonder what our neighbors think of us, and crows so infrequently, that we are very very happy to be able to keep him. We have a livestream up most afternoons until evening for me while I'm at work and my husband's home so I can enjoy watching them play and talk amongst themselves. You guys can come watch them grow as well! http://m.ustream.tv/channel/weihome . Sometimes you guys'll see us toss our cat or rabbit in as well so they get some safe exercise as well. We don't know if we will be hatching eggs if anyone wants any, or just eating them as soon as their laid, since we have a roo they will be fertilized, and we wouldn't want to separate them. but come have fun watching them !

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