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Discussion in 'Raising Baby Chicks' started by kardar2, Jan 19, 2014.

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    I know this has come but I did not know how to word it. My brother n law has 3 laying hens he don't want. I think R I's he doesn't have a coop he just let's them free range. So when I get my coop built an go get them an lock them in there for a week will they come in any roost after that since they never ever been in a coop? Then in A month we will be getting new chicks from the feed store.so the chicks will be in the house for what about 8-10 weeks an taking them outside on warm days to play. So my question is will that be enough socializing so the older birds won't hurt the other ones. I could in close the 4'x8' coop an put the older birds down there. Or should I just get all chicks? Thanks I have pictures of my coop on other post. Thanks for th help.

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    Yes, your new old hens should accept the coop as their new roost without any problem.
    The old hens will probably pick on the new chicks no matter how much they have been socialized. If they all free range together it wouldn't be much of a problem as the new chicks have plenty of space avoid the old hens but the new chicks will probably still get bullied on the roost in the evening.
    It would be best to intro the new chicks when they have at least fully feathered out, but all chickens have different personalities and thery might get along well at 10 weeks but be prepared to keep them separated if you need to.
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    Don't expect any problems with the older birds accepting the coop. However accepting the chicks is a different story. Your best bet is to let them socialize on either side of a fence for a long time, and on,y after the chicks are fully feathered. Then... Maybe... If you let them all free range... Maybe you'll be ok. I tried for 3 weeks to do this, and it didn't work. I had to maintain 2 separate flocks for a looping time.
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    Hi. the old hens will pretty quickly learn to come in. as for adding chicks, it's not a good idea. i have found the only way to add chicks to an existing flock is with their MAMA, which will keep me from ever getting an incubator or buying chicks. Mom can integrate the chicks as well as defend them. i've seen it quite a few times now first hand, as well as trying to introduce a chick with no mama. i was very lucky that i still had a broody hen about to have a hatch when the little one was only a week old. just stuk it under a new mama when her sole egg (out of almost a dozen) hatched and she took to it. the 3 bonded and did great till a possom ate my waterbed baby. (yes, a waterbed can work as an incubator in an emergency) Just dont get the idea that adding chicks to an established flock will work out very well. if it does, i'd love to hear how ya did it.

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