Old chickens - normal behavior?

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    May 2, 2009
    We have a three to four year old hen who, since her friend died earlier this year, has really seemed to age quickly. She is the head hen in the coop, and she is a very needy girl. She is still active and seems pretty healthy. She has adopted a "skipping" run, I think because she's kind of fat. She has very stinky poo, and tends to collect a lot of white poo around her vent. Her poops seem solid. We are worming the flock with Wazine every month, December will be the third worming.
    Other than this, she just seems less energetic and less able to get around (she's always had trouble getting down off the perches). Does this seem like normal behavior for an older hen? Do they tend to just slow down like this? Thanks!

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