OLD compared with NEW. TIPS and TRICKS included on how to own chickens and MUCH more. Must must MUST

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  1. I have an OLD OLD book some one has lent me(its was their grandfathers) about everything you could know about chickens it is there life's knowledge in one book, ill put up some pictures of it soon. Want i want to know is, is all the Information in this book out dated and useless, has everything changed in the modern day or is some of this stuff relevant for today's chicken living.

    Here are a few tasters form the book, some quwerky little tips and tricks on stuff- "Fried Cork For Rats" -What is claimed to be a most effective method of getting rid of rats is to feed them plenty of fried Cork. Cut the cork into small cracked corn size pieces, fry the cork in fat until they become roughly soaked in the fat. Then porn the cork onto a pate and place in the coop where the rats are but so the fowl cant get to it. The corks may be handled prior to frying but not afterwards.

    This is just one of plenty of i think useful bits of information- MORE shall be added each day so make sure you keep checking and commenting, also if you want i can search for requested information in this spectacular book.
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  3. I think so, do you reckon you could get some people to join this thread i dont want it to just not happen at all.
  4. Day 2- "Eating their own Droppings"- When chicks or fowls eat there own droppings it maybe due to WORMS, excess of fibrous material in their feed, or deficiency in minerals. Give a feed of raw minced onion i their fee or straight and if worms are present the onion will help to expel them. An access of fibrous materials passed out in the droppings could arise from feeding you fowls rather course greenfed, oats in hull etc. and this can be stopped by reducing such feeds.
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