Old dog kennel conversion to a semii-permanent coop/run...


Jun 26, 2018
SW Ohio
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My Coop
From another thread...
Below are some pictures of the old dog kennel that I am converting to a semi-permanent chicken coop/run. I don't have any pictures yet of the work in progress, but I will take some. I am about 3/4 finished with the project.

I will be building a small coop for at night and it will go on the left side of the pictures out in the grass with a tunnel to get into the covered run. NOTE: I am going to create a much larger outside non-covered run for the day-time when we are home. This run is for when it's raining or snowing...the birds will have a place to move about. It will server...for now...as a house as well until the "other" house is built when this run is finished.

Why do I say semi-permanent?
I can leave it there if I choose, but this is mainly to get my birds out of my garage...never again by the way...and to give me time to design my permanent coop over the winter that will be placed in another location on the property.

All of the construction will be of panels that can be taken down and re-used in my permanent design that I will build in spring and that will allow me to then have my dog kennel back.

This was my grandpa's beagle hound set-up minus the wire runs that used to be there. I'm planning to revive the kennel as well.

I have a lot of work to do to the building to make it like new again. I've already put a new roof over it.

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Old dog kennel...
… with an old roof.



What you are about to see is built purposely so that all panels can be moved to a new location for a more permanent chicken coop/run.

This entire design was partly my idea, but mostly thought through by my dad who isn't pictured. Without dad...and my son...none of this would have been possible as quickly as it happened.

Thanks to my dad and my son for helping on this. They did most of the framing while I was either gone working on another house or was sick.

2' x 10' panels getting ready for hardware cloth...

Notice the roof is new!! Painting, new windows and a new door are next. My grandpa would be proud to see the old shed/kennel getting a face lift.



North and East ends fully enclosed with 14mils plastic. Actually, two layers folded of 3.5 mill plastic. Top folded layer over-laps bottom folded layer. Still have to close in the soffit and paint.

Notice the ventilation hole...can be rolled up to 2ft. if needed...near floor of coop/run.


East end covered with plastic. Notice roof is open to the air...entire 10'x10'.

South end completely open...

Notice the roof has a ridge vent, soffit is open for the time being, and roof of coop/run is open to the underside of gabled overhang of the old dog kennel.


Here you can see where I plan to make a door for storage items and I've temporarily covered the dog entry hole to keep the birds out too. Also, in this corner is where I plan to build an elevated and enclosed coop/box for roosting at night where I'll build some sort of poop board under a roosting bar with sweet PDZ for easy cleaning...I hope.

Notice I am fully enclosed with hardware cloth with full open air ventilation above.

Dust bath box filled with peat moss and DE...need to add some earth, sand, and possibly some wood ashes.

Random left-over treated wood laying on top.



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