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    I have read some post here, I am bathing her with tea tree oil and after that I put honey on my finger and try to push it back in, but didn't stay for long she push it out again, I m working overnight now so it's good I can try to help her, I doing it everyday, and I put her in a box, try keep her in dark during the day, but today second day I put her in box during day, she still give me egg... In dark...?! I don't want egg form her until she get better...

    I feed her vinegar water, chicken grown max and veg, cook rice.

    Anything I can do more for help her???
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    Some people make little diaper pad things to hold pressure over it to hold it in for a day. Of course it holds poops in too, but sometimes it's all you can do. I've never made one though, so can't help there.

    I'd take her off a solid diet for now, as all straining is harmful now, so the more liquid the diet the less likely she is to prolapse. Vitamin-mineral premixes and the likes, given in water, can cover a lot of needs. Ideally it won't need to be continued for more than a few days, since hopefully her issue will resolve soon.

    I wouldn't use teatree oil on her personally, it can be quite caustic to exposed membranes. I'd use diluted witch-hazel or something else mildly astringent like that, even rosemary tea would help there. When making pads to bind over them to hold the prolapse in place, they often soaked the pads in witch-hazel tea.

    I would get dried raspberry leaf, just about any health food shop has it (preferably avoid Hilda Hemmes as her herbs are irradiated beyond being useful for much more than mulch) and make her up a strong raspberry leaf tea, so a tablespoon to a cup, and let her sip at it when it's cool. Adding honey to it can help. Leave the leaves in if you like, or drain them, whatever... Sometimes I just pull them out and let the chook eat the soaked leaves, it's quite good for them. In this case I might not.

    The raspberry leaves tone the whole female reproductive system especially, and have some kind of antiseptic influence as well; it's an ancient remedy that's been used on everything from female pets, livestock and humans alike, and is still used. It's saved many of my females in birth. It does assist contractions while the animal is birthing, so you don't give it to animals within a month or so of birthing, but once they've birthed it's safe to give and is used in prolapse cases and retained afterbirth especially. It's also very nutritious.

    A vet, if you can afford one, may be a good idea.

    Best wishes.
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