Old Fashioned Broody Hen Hatch A Long and Informational Thread

Discussion in 'Hatch-A-Longs' started by michaelinnc84, Feb 27, 2011.

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    I candled Topsy's eggs tonight and to my surprize they weren't completely clear. So I'll check them again on Saturday to see if there's growth. I did see our LO roo on Topsy but that was like 3 weeks ago before we rehomed him. I suppose the silkie roo could have mated her but I've not seen him on anyone except the LOs. The plot thickens.
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    Too bad there isn't something we can feed them to make them broody, or stay broody, or Not be broody (I'd like that too) Lots of young pullets quit, some hens never make good broody tho they will "play" with it several times a year. Some even get broody after a couple wks laying and seem to never quit being Momma, not good if you want eggs. I have 2 Black Stars of all things sitting on 10 Guinea eggs each and doing well, they are atr like 2 wks. I have 2 Black Cochins who insist they are broody, one is really mean. Since the BS are sitting, I'm going to have to find somewhere else to put the Cochins, I just got some shipped eggs in today that the air cells are intact in (I know, wonders never cease) so I've the girls some of those.

    BTW- So many cute babies [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]
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    It would be nice! My husband thinks since we had a cold snap she decided she didn't want to "set" any more. I don't think that is it.
    But who knows why she decided to abandon her eggs. You are lucky you have 2 hens the want set and are doing so well! I would love to try to hatch some guinea eggs but need find a good broody hen or a good incubator.
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    I have had a successful hatch(incubator) then successfully placed them under a broody. Hen and chicks are doing very well. At what point can one put hen and chicks with the rest of the flock? These chicks seem a bit undersized, but they are, by far, the most vigorous chicks I have seen. Any and all comments(advice) welcome! Thanks
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    Thank you! We luckily already had a styrofoam cooler here. Now we just have to gather up other supplies.
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    It's not too surprising to me. I never saw my rooster mount any of my hens, not even once. I did see him dance for Gloria, but she just gave him an "I'm not impressed" look and kind of chest bumped him! Not surprisingly, none of her eggs that we set were fertile. Neither were any of my SLW eggs, every time he came near her she ran away. And only half of the sussex eggs we set were fertile, so I think one of the two speckled sussex girls gave him the cold shoulder. But out of 32 eggs that we started with, 19 started to develop. And every single one of the eggs from my Ameraucana and EE hens were fertile!

    I don't think it has an official name. Hard to say for sure from the angle of the picture, but if I had to call it something I would say blue with red leakage. Both of the hens in your picture are so pretty! I would be thrilled if any of my chicks turned out to look even a little like that.
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    I'm new to EE's and I am smitten, the one in the pic I was asking about even lets me cuddle her.. when i can catch her [​IMG]
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  9. stonykill

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    Sep 16, 2010
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    well if they were a 6 week old Sumatra, they would have the roo sex feathers coming in. but they aren't Sumatra's [​IMG]. Honestly, not knowing the breed, I'd be guessing.
  10. stonykill

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    Sep 16, 2010
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    those are really cute EE's. I'll have to get a pic of an EE / Sumatra cross I hatched. Who I am positive from his fresh attitude that he is a roo. EVERY time I reach in his cage, he packs my hand. Bold lil thing. Comes right to the cage door when he see's me. But he is so beautiful, he is safe. He looks JUST like his EE mom. We call her the hawk. Similar coloring. Sorta the coloring of the front of yours, all over.

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