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    Hi ,
    I hope someone can help. Im a teacher and hope to hatch some eggs with my little ones.

    A friend has given me some potentially fertile quail eggs and I want to try hatch them. I have borrowed an incubator but it seems to be a very old fashioned one.
    I have hatched bantam chicks before in school but it was in an automatic incubator which did everything for me so this is the first time I'll have to add water and turn them myself. The automatic was digital so everything was kept very exact and so I'm a little afraid of the vague nature of this one.

    Here are some photos of my the incubator. Do I add water to the bottom and just keep it topped up? I need to turn the eggs three times a day yes? And does anyone know the exact temp quail need?

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    Hi Edith,

    Some tips on incubating quail eggs in this thread: https://www.backyardchickens.com/t/532489/incubating-coturnix-quail-eggs

    The small black thing on top of your incubator seems like a digital thermometer (probe wire?), but I don't see an hygrometer... You best get one, to control humidity... Then you can decide on your water level.

    Hope this helps.

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