10 Years
Oct 19, 2009
Streetman, Texas
i joined this forum in 2009 don't know if I ever introduced myself to the group.
My name is Karen Smith
I live near Streetman, Texas. I say near because I'm in the country between Streetman (pop. 210) and Kirvin (pop. 107) and south of Corsicana.
I have around 50 chickens of assorted breeds.
Pilgrim geese 3 only I had 5 but think a bobcat got 2. Luckily I still have my pair. Looking for some more if anyone has any goslings or eggs.
I have ND goats looking for some reg. does, also have crosses between the pygmy and ND.
Raise a few cattle have a small herd of 10 heifers and cows will be getting a bull later this year.
have 2 guard dogs 1 is a pitbull the other is a large (120lbs) golden retriever 1 horse 1 kitten in the house various fish. raise a garden every year except this year had foot surgery and couldn't get in the garden to plant. hopefully will be able to do more work outside this summer still can't walk very well and my husband has been baby sitting the animals.
also have a small flock of black bellied whistling ducks that have decided my corral is a good place to eat!!!

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