Old Newby


13 Years
Sep 6, 2007
I am not really "new" to chickens as we have had them for about 5+ years. My wife is really the one that is in love with raising them. We have about 25 hens of different breeds. Barred rocks, Orpingtons, a Wyandotte, silver Sebrights, Japanese bantams, Americauna and Silkies. I love their funny habits and inclinations and they are so peaceful to watch. Incubating them and waiting for the hatch is my Christmas morning now. I like to fish but just don't get to anymore. We have a couple of poodles and 3 geese. We are hatching 3 turkey eggs right now and I'm considering Guineas too. My noisiest birds are my 3 geese that we raised from 1 week old. Those guys are funny to watch and they DO love their water. Now all I need is a couple of goats to mow my back lot and I'll have a happy farm. I've been in connection with BYC for about 5 years but haven't communicated much. Very happy to be here.


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