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    After lots of begging and pleading my husband gave in and now I am going to convert an old (built in the 60's) playhouse in my backyard into a new coop!! It's 12' x 8' inside...lots bigger than I would have space to build in my teeny backyard other wise and very well built (as well as my 60+ year old house!) My first coop is much too small now (I planned to have 3 hens-I now have 11- I think I'll stop at 15 LOL ) Here's some of my questions:

    -It has exterior siding made of individual boards-on the interior the studs are exposed, should I put up plywood inside (to reduce any stray draft-cold isn't a huge issue here-I'm in central GA-we get 20's at the lowest usually and only one or two nights of teens)?

    -Also, anyone who had big heavy breeds (like cochins)-how low is your lowest nest box?-right now I have mostly EEs and a few medium weight breeds who can jump/fly pretty well-but i am raising some cochins and I don't want them to end up laying on the floor because they can't reach the nests.

    Thanks in advance!!
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    Sorry Im not able to help. I live in Texas and dont know anything about raising hens in the colder weather. Ive had orpingtons, which is a heavier breed, and they had no problem jump/flying up to the nest boxes. Hopefully someone else will come along and be able to help with your other question. Good luck.
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    As long as the direct wind is blocked, they will handle the winters just fine. I would put the nest boxes about 2 feet off of the floor, but they'll accept it at just about any heighth, as long as it's below the roosts.
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    What I know is that drafts are more dangerous than cold, and that chickens seem to tolerate cold better than heat. I don't have insulation and have exposed beams in my tiny little coop. My nest box is just a few inches off the floor, but mine haven't started laying yet...however, the design was copied from someone whose hens were laying in it...
    I'm pretty new, but that's what I know [​IMG]
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    i didnt put any walls up in my coop. i left the supports there.

    I have double wide milk crates on the floor and laying boxes up higher... probably 2-3 ft. and they always.. ALWAYS seem to pick the ones up higher.. and they are even lower than they used to be in the other coop. i don tknow about giants, but i would give them a choice, personally. My other heavy breeds are all over the place.. and use either..( wyandottes and whaqt i think might be white cornish.. they are big!)
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    Your play house sounds like it will make a nice home for your chickens. I have a kids playhouse for my chickens. Works great.


    I did have to adjust a few things. Origionally it was used for 2 pot belly pigs. I got it for nothing but I did have to pay for transporting it to my house. My husband and I made a few changes/repairs to it. Added nest boxes about a foot off the ground and a perch for them to sit on. Oh, when putting a roof on your nest boxes make sure the hens can't sit on top of it. Make it very steep! Something we didn't do. My perch is now higher then the nest boxes.

    In the winter I just add hay on the floor. I don't need the hay so much in the summer time other then under the perch. They stay warm in the winter. I live in southeastern NC. You could always put a heat lamp in there too. This play house has bare walls and no insulation. I'm thinking of changing that. Undecided at this time. [​IMG] Hope this helps.

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