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    I wonder what's wrong with my Buffie. She is old, at least 8, and was the flock leader for the last 5 of those years. A good hen. Now she's gone all lethargic, sits under shrubs, can't stand for more that a few seconds. Brought her into the house last night and fed scrambled eggs and gave water with a syringe. She ate but won't drink on her own. One tiny poop, very dry. She is still talking to me and I want to do anything I can to help. Her sister is still going strong. She does seem to be in some internal pain. Advice?
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    I'm going to bump to keep you on the first page, keep her hydrated. good luck. plus welcome to BYC
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    She could be impacted, try giving her a little olive oil or salt water. Soaking in warm water can help as well. (Not saying that's whats wrong but dry poop is very very odd and could indicate excretion problems.)

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    Poor hen. Keep giving her water with the syringe you may want to add electrolytes if you think she may be heat stressed in particular. you could try feeding her moist food as well like yogurt or cooked oat meal or water melon.
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    Make sure you are giving her plenty of water. You might to try feeding her plain greek yoghurt from a syringe as it could help fight becteria infections. Chickens are strong and maybe if you keep her away from the group and keep her hydrated she should pull through it. Make sure she's been wormed recently.
    Daisy. xx

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