Older birds bullying new flock member, how do you handle it?


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May 3, 2009
Stratford CT
I have two very laid back/scaredy cat NJ giants, and 2 very pushy RIRs, all hens. We just got a new silkie, and the RIRs are picking on her incessantly, chasing, pecking, won't let her eat or go in the coop. I let her sleep indoors in a rabbit cage at night-time as I'm worried about her, she is 18 weeks old. How do you introduce birds without them killing each other? I'm very concerned for the silkie as the bullying is not abating, the RIR are relentless. Should I lock them in the coop for a couple of days? They are also by far my noisiest birds, and we live in the suburbs so this may not work. Any ideas would be appreciated.
Did you just get the silkie or did you just introduce them?? The way I understand the recommendations for introducing new chickens to an existing flock is quarantine first so you don't introduce something into your existing flock. Then put the new bird(s) in the run and/or coop but seperted with fencing, crate whatever allows them to see each other but not peck/be pecked. After maybe a week of that try to let them together but supervise so that you check if there is a lot of bullying going on. Some is normal as the peking order has to be re-established but all birds should be able to eat and drink. Also if pecking goes so far as to draw blood you have to seperate the injured bird(s) until healed....otherwise it may get badly injured or killed......There is a link in the FAQ section I think and severlal threads in the 'Managing My Flock' section......Good luck and Welcome to the forum..
If this silkie has enough crest as to where it can't see very good then they may always pick on her. Some of mine chase the silkies and the fact that they can't see doesn't help. I had to move them around a little untill they were in with the more peaceful birds.

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