older BO having Egg issues HELP! pic


10 Years
Jun 11, 2009
Well my 10 month old Buff Orpington is having some issues with her egg laying. She has been laying strong for about 5 months with no issues. But within the last 2 weeks her eggs have been steadily getting shell less or this weird papery shell (like the picture below.) When she lays these eggs they are not in the nest box. It's as if she knows they are weird and won't lay them in there. Her "sisters" are just fine with no sign of egg weirdness.

3 Girls total with a 30x10 foot grass run
organic mash feed
oyster shell or crushed egg shell mixed with the food
yogurt a few times per week
2 (2) gallon water tanks

She isn't crowded, well fed, giant out door pen, she looks and acts totally healthy. Her appetite is normal, she acts like her happy chicken self. Her eggs are just weird. Does this happen before molt? Not sure what to do? Any help would be appreciated.


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