Older Chick Peaking Others


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Apr 21, 2015
I went to the local farm/garden store and got 9 egg layers. One was 2 weeks older then the rest but they all got along until now. The other chicks are about a month old now so I would guess the old one is 6 weeks old. All was fine, then I saw today that she was peaking the other chicks and two were bloody (by the tail feathers) and one had all its new tail feathers gone. So I separated the old chick from the others and now they are doing what chicks do eat and sleep. So what do I do to stop this with the old chick? I don't want it to start were they all are peaking each other. Any thoughts?
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Ideally, keep them separated by a fence, but next to each other, til they are all full size. Or you can try separating her for a week or so, out of sight and sound, then return her. If she is noticeably bigger this ma not be any help; the approach is usually used when there is an adult bully.

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