Older chickens killed younger pullets!!


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I put my pullets in the big coop because it was too hot in the shed that they are originally in. The older chickens did not seem like they even cared at all about the younger ones and so i had no concern. I came out about 45 minutes later to check on them and the older chickens pecked one too death and another one to where it had no skin on most of its body. I ended up having to kill that one my self. The other pullet was fine but still has some marks. I thought chickens were really cool at the beginning of the day now I am starting to feel like they are just nasty disgusting animals.
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Sorry you had a bad experience and lost some chicks.
Some times it happens. I'm new but after what I've seen from members and what I have read I'd recommend putting the chicks/chickens together but separate. Let them see each other but not be able to reach each other.

Best of luck!
Maybe a slow integration would help? A little time supervised together followed by mild seperation, (pullets with hens divided by fencing for safety, followed by full integration everyone together? You never entioned the breed? I am curious. Best of luck!
I introduced my pullets to the flock slowly...first did chicken wire between them for a few weeks, then one night I stuffed them on the roost with the flock. All was okay. Just made sure that they were close to the 'big girls' size before I did. So VERY sorry about what happened. Going to have to do another introduction in a few weeks and another in a month or so. Hate this part.
I'm sorry for your loss! I have to integrate my younger chicks with my older chicks in the next few weeks...now I'm scared! How old were your younger chicks and how old were the older girls?
awww. I am so sorry to hear that. It's that pecking order thing.

I took one of my babies, peaches & cream~AKA PAC (6 wks old) and put her in the pen while i stayed in there and Miss Edward did not like her at all. She jumped on her and was so mean and then the RIR was gonna go after her too. Pac was so scared. I got a hold of her and took her out. My husband wants to make a separate coop for the new girls and have two separate coops, but i don't want to tend to 2 coops. Some how i will integrate them. Not sure when as right now they are in a 3 x 4 pen that sits on the back patio with all 10 of them in it. I plan to wait until they are about the same size.

someone here a while ago said they put their new ones in the coop at night so the olders ones wouldn't know the difference the next day. She said it worked, but i have not tried it. I plan to integrate them on a weekend and thought of trying that so i can get up earlier then them to go in the coop and sit in there and wait to see what happens at daylight. either that or when they are older i plan to let them all free range together for the weekend.

i am new to chickens as of last year and have not had to do this with newbies yet, but i already hate it.

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