older hen, poor color, not eating *UPDATE*

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    First, some basic info:

    breed: White Rock
    age: 2.3 years
    sex: F
    raised 2 broods

    This morning I went in to feed/water the flock and Shorty did not pile out of the coop with the rest. She is sitting on the perch, all fluffed up. Her eyes are clear, though she does sit with them closed a lot. Her color is sort of orange, not her usual red. She seems to be breathing heavily, but not wheezing or panting -- just a bit exaggerated. She is rocking slightly on the perch as if she's having a little trouble balancing. She was not interested when I offered her food. Her vent looks fine, although she did do a runny, butterscotch-colored poop. I forgot to check her crop, so I'll do that when I go out to check on her in a few minutes. She did flap her wings and resist me a little when I tried to pick her up off the perch. She is missing some feathers, as if she's been scuffling with one of the other chickens.

    ETA: her crop feels empty.

    She is inside now. I offered her some plain yogurt mixed with a bit of plain applesauce. She accepted what I smeared on her beak (total approx. 1/8 tsp.), but after awhile wouldn't take even that. She looks sleepy, and didn't fuss about being carried in. I'll put a dish of water in her kennel, but I do have a Q about how to "force" water/food into her.
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    Uh oh, sorry to here about Shorty. Can you bring her inside, where she will stay warm? Check her very carefully all over- I almost lost a hen because a cat had clawed her under her wing and I missed the wound. Check the crop, and see if that's the problem, and when you examine her look for any parasites as well.

    She might eat some plain yogurt or scrambled eggs. Maybe even canned fish.

    Good luck, Shorty!

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